J. Eckert ://: Sargonas

16 Year veteran of the Video Game Industry, long time gamer, hobbyist photographer, and avid maker. Decade and a half experience spanning across many disciplines, including BizDev/Strategic Partnerships, Project Management, DevRel, Operations, IT, Customer Service and User Experience.


Vice President of Ecosystem Operations

Chia Network

– Present: Remote

I do all the things. Allllllll the things.

Director of Partnerships & Head of LA Office

Genvid Technologies

– June 2021: Santa Monica, CA

A man of many hats, I oversaw the day to day operations of our offices throughout CA, Strategic Partnerships efforts, and various random minutiae to keep the gears turning for the company as we grew from 12 to 60.

Developer Relations/3rd Party Ecosystem Manager

Riot Games

– April 2018: Santa Monica, CA

Managing the Developer Relations Team, handing most public-facing aspects of Riot’s new API for League of Legends as well as various other 3rd party partnerships. Our team drives community engagement with the API, fosters and maintains partnerships with third-party developers, and works with the API dev team to guide it’s further development with player-focus in mind. If you want to find out more about the API itself, check out the dev portal at developer.riotgames.com!

Co-Founder & CEO


: San Francisco Bay Area

Honored provides tangible rewards for your proudest accomplishments in gaming in the form of embroidered patches for accomplishments both in-game and within the community!

Developer Relations Account Manager – EA Online

Electronic Arts

: San Francisco Bay Area

Production point of contact between EA Global Online and various game development teams throughout EA and its partners. Responsible for making sure that the online needs of a game team, everywhere from digital publishing to online multiplayer components, are met by EA Online to successfully provide the online experience desired at launch and post-ship.

Digital Publishing – EA Online

Electronic Arts

:San Francisco Bay Area

Created and compiled documentation for internal publishing guidelines for EA’s online platform, Origin. Also responsible for assisting with the digital publishing of various EA titles on the Origin platform.

Compliance/Certification Project Lead

Electronic Arts

San Francisco Bay Area

Project Lead/Point of Contact for select titles EA-Redwood Shores for Compliance approval. (Sims, Visceral studios, etc)

Senior Compliance Specialist – EA Certification

Electronic Arts

: San Francisco Bay Area

Handling the Compliance Certification approval of all EA titles on PC and Mac platforms. Working with the dev teams to make sure they develop with compliancy in mind, and overseeing the testing of the titles for Pre and Final certification before being sent off to manufacturing for release.

Operations Manager for Rupture/EA Online

Electronic Arts

: Atlanta GA & San Francisco CA

Operations engineer and later Operations Manager overseeing IT systems and general Ops for the EA Atlanta and later Rupture (EA SF) divisions, handling widows and linux systems, general networking, various server and DB applications, and project management and production coordination.

Network Admin

Lanwar Inc.

Louisville, Kentucky

As a part time project, I help run the network and do Community Management work with the Lanwar series of Lan parties in the Louisville metro area each quarter, for ~500 gamers across all genres.

Operations Manager

Super Computer International, Inc.

: Atlanta GA

Held dual roles as IT administrator/Ops manager, as well as community management for the development of Playlinc. Continued on under EA after our acquisition by them in October 2007

Network Admin for WSVG (World Series of Video Games)

Games Media Properties

One of a team of Network Administrators for the WSVG events held around the world from 2005 to 2007. Specialized in putting together an enterprise class network for competitive gaming setupsand BYOC lans in only a matter of a few days for each event.

Support Engineer

Asus Technologies

: Louisville, Kentucky

Support tech and systems testing/diagnostic specialist. Also specialized in Video hardware trouble shooting and benchmark testing.

Systems Administrator

Kastle Systems, LLC

: Greater Chicago Area

Operations Programmer, office tech support and Systems Administrator for the Chicago regional office.

Customer Service Manager

Express Technologies

: Louisville, Kentucky

Customer Service rep, Tech Support Agent and Abuse Administrator for webhost clients.